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Rental Van Hire With Driver

Short notice shifting is a nightmare for everyone. Short notice removals are usually faced by those who are residing in a rented accommodation. The stress of short notice shifting is unexplained and is only felt by those who go through this. Short notice removals are not ethical in any way but landlords in greed of much better deal, often takes these harsh decisions. At this time the family feels completely helpless. They have so much to do but the time given is very limited. Sometimes tenants vacate the property without packing their stuff properly and this results in damaging of their possessions.

If you are living in a rented accommodation, we don’t want this to happen with you. Though not every landlord thinks in the same direction but it is wise to keep oneself prepared for everything. No need to get scared reading the above, we wish that nothing of this sort ever happen to you. But we would like to tell all that now you don’t need to worry about such things mentioned above. There is someone who can help you with all these troubles and that too on short notice.

Rental Van Hire is your savior in such times. We have prepared its special reserved workforce only for short notice moving. We understand that short notice moving can occur any time so we keep our team prepared with all necessities to reach the place at once. Rental Van Hire With Driver short notice moving team is quick and efficient in their work. They will even reach your home in midnight and will carry on with the work and tasks. They will help you gather the stuff and will make sure that they pack them safely and securely. Man and Van services are fully insured, in case of any harm coming to your possession Rental Van Hire With Driver will take care of all the damage.

Apart from this, Rental Van Hire With Driver short notice removal services include storage service as well. It is possible that you may not be able to take all your things with you. You would like to keep them in storage until you make place for them in the new home. Until then you can keep those things in the storage provided by us. Rental Van Hire With Driver storage facilities are famous among masses. Not just the moving families but also non-moving families hire storage services to protect their things from harm. If you have any pets or birds, hand it over to Man and Van without any worry. We will take care of them just like you do.

Our short notice moving services can be obtained anytime of the day. We will be glad to be of your help even if that means working in midnight. Man and Van will make sure that you don’t leave the place without taking all of your stuff with you. Landlords usually charge extra money for taking long to vacate the property. We will make it a point to vacate you from the property within the time duration. Man and Van is always there, feel free to call on our toll free number whenever and wherever you need us.